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Talking Hands Youth and Children Services News (310)

To any new mummies and daddies joining this page we will post any activities and events here for you .. come and join us bring your little .. and not do little ones along to join us ...
Family day, lots of tradition outdoor activities includes archery, coconut shy and balls games etc
Something for the family with Deaf children, please note date Sunday 17th is the error dates, both performance is on 22nd and 23rd July ?
We've had a great evening can we just thank everyone our parents and our young people for an amazing journey with you all. A busy year funding , families growth what more could we ask for ...... friends we have all become friends . We look forward to continuing our journey with you all and hopefully more new families. Some pics from this eve presentations of certificates for BSL well done guys we are sooooooooooo proud of you
These classes will go fast may seem a long way away but there is a deadline Aug 31st to enrol..based on a min of 10 people per class whichever is filled will be the one that runs unless both are filled. apply for your enrollment form now ..fully accredited .
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