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Centre News
Centre News

Centre News (330)

This is us... and don’t let anyone tell us different .... we are a team and tomorrow we will prove it.... thank you all sponsors and swimmers .. Xxx our children and our youth ...... I Believe in YOU
All different yet all the same .. be less judgmental and more open ..,
It’s nearly here the great big (pool) channel swim.. what started out as a two or three volunteer swim has turned into a fantastically supported fun activity , Pantygwyder church ( please correct my spelling ) supported Louise and Jack to complete 7 miles.... and this Friday morning from 7.30 am to 10.30 we have another team of volunteers Children and young people lined up to complete the task ... if you have not yet sponsored us please do on the link below it’s true what they say... every little helps...thank you ..
We have a £500 grant for deaf young people in Wales who'd like to help other deaf children and young people. They could apply for the money to help start a new deaf club, fund a British Sign Language (BSL) course or begin a sports coach qualification. Any idea they have which will benefit them and their local community. Apply for our grant here: www.ndcs.org.uk/payitforward
I have just made a personal donation but I couldn’t leave a message so here it is...... I donated because I am super proud of all the people who have decided to support this either by swimming or by donating ... we work extremely hard to provide activities for our young people for confidence building but more importantly for identity , that they meet with other Deaf young people, for parents to have the opportunity to share and support each other .. and for Deaf and hearing parents coming together for their children and themselves . I am always proud or Talking Hands and it’s various groups .. but I am proud of our young people and volunteers who ‘get’ it who understand why we should support ourselves.. it’s the only way to guarantee a future... well done guys.. I hope you enjoy I will be there supporting you.... friends please donate a small amount or sponsor if you see a form around it’s only takes a few seconds ....thank you help us smash our target ........
Are you ready for our #Halloween #Storytelling special? Grab your #wands, #capes and all things #spooky & watch our signed version of #MegandMog brought to you by Wayne ???️?? . (#BSL user friendly with #voiceover).
Are you ready for our #Halloween #Storytelling special? Grab your #wands, #capes and all things #spooky & watch our signed version of #MegandMog brought to you by Wayne ???️?? . (#BSL user friendly with #voiceover).
Hello eyes down or up! we will soon be advertising our classes for Jan/Feb 2018 We will be running Level 1,2 and three some will be Tuesday daytime, Tuesday evening and Wednesdays. If you are interested please provide your contact details, which level and whether you want a daytime or evening course...all courses will run subject to 10 or more people in group ... Please share with your friends, employers and anyone else interested. We are also going to be running Deaf Awareness courses, accredited and Non accredited for employers, service providers, schools and colleges

Powerinourhands Swansea

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