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Centre News
Centre News

Centre News (330)

Anyone interested exciting opportunity to gain experience and put your level two into practice https://www.eteach.com/mobile/jobs/jobdetails.aspx?teaching+assistant+level+2&vacno=803650
An opportunity to put your hard earned qualifications to use and gain some useful experience ... https://www.eteach.com/mobile/jobs/jobdetails.aspx?teaching+assistant+level+2&vacno=803650
This is great news hopefully services in Wales can follow
Well what a lovely evening how nice to see some we haven’t seen for awhile all better .. amazing We had a visit from the ladies inner wheel rotary from mumbles who presented us with a cheque for £700...how amazing is that. We have said it may go into the family BSL pot.. however Dominic when asked thinks we should have Dominoes Pizza .. we will see what we can do my friend ..... a huge thank you to all the ladies of the Inner wheel for their very very generous donation .
Whether or not you agree with him what he says is right.... next time you complain about kids hanging around on the street .,,, this is why ..,,
Anyone lost hearing aids? https://www.facebook.com/thecentreofadventure/posts/1449791115075671
??? ????????? You’ve found the little girl!! Thanks for all your help ❤️ ❗❗❗LITTLE GIRL'S HEARING AID FOUND❗❗❗ Over the Half Term, we have been handed in a little girl's hearing aid. It's made by ReSound and is decorated 3 little pink gems and 3 little silver gems. If anybody knows whose hearing aid this is, please let them know to contact us and we will arrange postage! Please SHARE this post, as we know how important and valuable this hearing aid is to a little girl and we wish to get it back to her as quickly as possible. Thank you everybody.
BSL Level 1 class young people will be starting soon... for those who want to take part, list your names and will need full commitments to achieve with qualifications. Deposit will be required to reserve and must be able to attend the class weekly and have confidence to take part in exams. Further information and costs, please contact us directly. Thanks Let go and learn BSL ?
Good morning people ... well after a busy weekend just a small update... we have online donations standing at £680 amazing there is potentially over £500 to come in in sponsorship money from the (youth/ Tiddlers ) rotary club moriston. So that is a massive achievement over a £1000 .. can I ask that all money be paid this week on Mon Llanelli .Wed ( tid) or Fri Rhymes and Signs and youth club so we can arrive at a final figure. What you raise is not important what is important is that we all contribute all the young people benefit from this and whether they swam, counted , or got sponsors that’s what’s important ... A ‘team’ effort..... just in case ( though unlikely ) there are any people seeing this for the first time here is the link to online fundraising. Thank you all ..... now the next big one ( last one for this year) the winter fayre .... it’s gonna be good so get all your friends , family down to support it .. we have some lovely tabletops, and children’s things .. hot drinks and cakes ..... come along and join us.. we’re also hoping some of our youngsters will be signing some carols ...... whooooooo pop in and see us Thank You again https://www.gofundme.com/channel-swim-sponsorship

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