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Centre News

Centre News (378)

7 Creative cookie creations to sweeten up the holidays this season! ????? Get the So Yummy Cookbook today as the perfect gift! http://snip.ly/wjhtf
Hellooooooooooo right I’m on the scrounge ready for craft class after Christmas if the man in the red suit and beard ?? pops along and gives you a nice new dressing gown I am looking for towelling ones ... don’t matter what condition or colour as we will be ‘cutting’ them up
Don't miss Scottish Islanders, a window into the lives of seven Deaf people living on remote Scottish islands, on Thursday 14th December. Catch it at 7.30pm on the Community Channel (Sky 539, Virgin Media 269, Freesat 164), or on our website or app! http://www.bslzone.co.uk/whats-on/
Talking Hands are hosting the workshop for Deaf Young people to explore around Music and develop their own skills in January 2018, come along and join the fun!
Level two students has passed, yahhhhhh ???
Helen wasn't happy that she miss out in the pic with students ? but now, Helen is so happy to be included ??
We have had a number of people asking if Talking Hands is accepting the old pound coins..after checking with the bank YES please .. they will still take them from charities, so if any of you have some, your friends or families we will be accepting them thank you .
Lovely to see Santa talked to Deaf child in BSL
Might be an interesting one those who have been there in the long distant past ... see what’s different, better, not so good. Deaf community should watch this?

Powerinourhands Swansea

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