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Centre News

Centre News (378)

Just a bit of fun https://t.co/aSNoYVb7zV
Today is a Oliver Mark Fitzpatrick’s birthday ... mum is right you are special funny in your way but extremely kind. You are one of the longest serving volunteers we have, not only for youth club / Rhymes and signs , young hearts but the Centre . Thank you for everything you do have a Happy birthday hope you have a very special day . Love from us all .... ( could someone share this in Young at hearts please ) you will have to copy and paste
Got these from limping chicken https://t.co/aSNoYVb7zV
Don’t know if I shared these before but ...?what a fab meal lots of people hit lots of fun and laughter merry Christmas all
I am looking for a few people to fill a level three class ... starting in February anyone interested please share
? Autism friendly screenings of 'Paw Patrol: Big Screen Tails' on #Christmas Eve! >>bit.ly/2u6cHxG ? Check your local Vue cinema to see if they are showing it on the 24th Dec! Tag in anyone that this might help! ? >> HUKDparents #Autism #PawPatrol #Cinema #Kids
The recent events with the break ins at the Deaf Centre 3 in 24hrs have led to a very busy emotional an difficult week .. but it has shown me something.. there are good people out there who want to help, who have put in extraordinary time cleaning, securing, emergency repairs , carrying on with the day to day business while dealing with police forensics and insurance. It’s not necessarily about what has been taken but more about what was left behind, feeling safe, vulnerable, and a sense of loss . It has also reminded me that there are others who have something like this happen to them, who have no support, no insurance, dealing with all the above alone ., it’s hard. So I guess my ‘thought’ for today is: Be vigilant , if you see something that don’t feel right do something about it, it may be to late after, if you hear of someone it has happened to offer a friendly ear and perhaps practical help, phone calls, repairs, but most important DONT tell face book when your out .. because your inviting these lowlifes in !! Thank you to those who have contacted us with messages of support... if anyone knows anything about these incidents 7/8th and 9th December please contact Swansea Central Police station Thank you Keep your peepers open,
2003 March in London BSL recognised as a language Ireland less than a year I believe what are we doing!!!

Powerinourhands Swansea

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