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Centre News (378)

Hello eyes down or up! we will soon be advertising our classes for Jan/Feb 2018 We will be running Level 1,2 and three some will be Tuesday daytime, Tuesday evening and Wednesdays. If you are interested please provide your contact details, which level and whether you want a daytime or evening course...all courses will run subject to 10 or more people in group ... Please share with your friends, employers and anyone else interested. We are also going to be running Deaf Awareness courses, accredited and Non accredited for employers, service providers, schools and colleges
Its not only innthe USA its here in the UK as well
Please have a look at this survey from the NSPCC. They are wanting to develop new resources for deaf children and young people.
Fab night, well done everyone who participated and had fun ???????

Powerinourhands Swansea

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