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Centre News (378)

BSL Level 1 class young people will be starting soon... for those who want to take part, list your names and will need full commitments to achieve with qualifications. Deposit will be required to reserve and must be able to attend the class weekly and have confidence to take part in exams. Further information and costs, please contact us directly. Thanks Let go and learn BSL ?
Good morning people ... well after a busy weekend just a small update... we have online donations standing at £680 amazing there is potentially over £500 to come in in sponsorship money from the (youth/ Tiddlers ) rotary club moriston. So that is a massive achievement over a £1000 .. can I ask that all money be paid this week on Mon Llanelli .Wed ( tid) or Fri Rhymes and Signs and youth club so we can arrive at a final figure. What you raise is not important what is important is that we all contribute all the young people benefit from this and whether they swam, counted , or got sponsors that’s what’s important ... A ‘team’ effort..... just in case ( though unlikely ) there are any people seeing this for the first time here is the link to online fundraising. Thank you all ..... now the next big one ( last one for this year) the winter fayre .... it’s gonna be good so get all your friends , family down to support it .. we have some lovely tabletops, and children’s things .. hot drinks and cakes ..... come along and join us.. we’re also hoping some of our youngsters will be signing some carols ...... whooooooo pop in and see us Thank You again https://www.gofundme.com/channel-swim-sponsorship
Newsflash... online donations to date £650 with potential £400 offline donations making our target doubled! Please sponsor and collect the funds, every pounds will make a difference to all of the activities we provide for the families ?
In the cold light of day and on reflection ...... what an amazing achievement ... what fun and yes we have youth / play workers.....they proved that yesterday, working with and supporting the children and young people having fun WITH them showing that they can achieve thank you guys so much it really is what makes it all worth while....now that’s what I call youth work, voluntary, on their terms, fun, and confidence building ...... go team
Well what an amazing fun Morning don't think anyone wanted to go home... We had a fab fun time with adults youth and the children doing their bit, a fantastic effort By everyone involved In Both swims AMAZING such fun...... it also looks like we will have made an amazing amount in our fundraising efforts with our online sponsorship reaching £600+ and still coming in... but even if there was NO money its been a fab event .. deaf and hearing adults and children all having fun together this is breaking down barriers....WE smashed it .....thanks to the counters for keeping us on target ...
Phew done this once! Here goes see if I can do it again .. the target was 22 miles .... and we smashed it .. Louise Rigdon jack the church and John Walker completed 7.5 miles amazing fete . Today that left the rest of us 14.5 miles .. our children and youth completed 120 almost 2 miles 25 metre pool (64 being 1 mile) leaving 12.5 for the stronger swimmers we smashed that with 973 lengths being 15.20 miles...this is when we stopped recording . Though there was a competition with AdamandMaria Guichard wanting to beat Cathie Robins- Talbot and Talina Powe swimming to France to bring Jamie Derren Hussein homelol?????a fantastic effort .. loads of fun.. and fantastic atmosphere ...thank you again for the swimmers and the sponsors AMAZING .......
This is us... and don’t let anyone tell us different .... we are a team and tomorrow we will prove it.... thank you all sponsors and swimmers .. Xxx our children and our youth ...... I Believe in YOU
All different yet all the same .. be less judgmental and more open ..,
It’s nearly here the great big (pool) channel swim.. what started out as a two or three volunteer swim has turned into a fantastically supported fun activity , Pantygwyder church ( please correct my spelling ) supported Louise and Jack to complete 7 miles.... and this Friday morning from 7.30 am to 10.30 we have another team of volunteers Children and young people lined up to complete the task ... if you have not yet sponsored us please do on the link below it’s true what they say... every little helps...thank you ..
We have a £500 grant for deaf young people in Wales who'd like to help other deaf children and young people. They could apply for the money to help start a new deaf club, fund a British Sign Language (BSL) course or begin a sports coach qualification. Any idea they have which will benefit them and their local community. Apply for our grant here: www.ndcs.org.uk/payitforward

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